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Charlotte Moser

NCICP Speaker

Charlotte Moser graduated from Wilkes University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a minor in
chemistry. She also received a master’s degree in communication from Drexel University.
Charlotte has spent her career working at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia where she started as a
lab supervisor and researcher in the fields of immunology and virology after graduating from Wilkes. In
2000, she helped create an educational outreach program, known as the Vaccine Education Center, to
address common vaccine safety concerns by presenting the science related to vaccines, immunology,
and infectious diseases in compelling and approachable ways. For more than two decades, the Vaccine
Education Center has served as a national and international resource for those seeking answers about

Charlotte has been a contributing author on numerous scientific papers and is the co-author of a book
about vaccines for parents titled, “Vaccines and Your Child: Separating Fact from Fiction.” A newer
version of this book is currently being written and will include vaccine information for family members
of all ages. As Co-Director of the Vaccine Education Center, she created the Parents PACK program for
parents and the public and co-created the Vaccine Update program for healthcare providers. She has
also helped to integrate the Vaccine Makers Project, an outreach project for classrooms, into a Vaccine
Education Center-based program. In response to COVID-19, Charlotte conceived and oversaw
development of a dedicated webpage related to COVID-19 vaccines,,
which continues to be updated as needed to address the public’s questions about COVID-19 vaccines.
Through writing and development of resources and novel programming, Ms. Moser has spent
considerable time thinking about how to address vaccine concerns in different settings and for different