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Michele Slafksoky

NCICP Speaker

Michele Slafkosky is the Executive Director of Families Fighting Flu, an organization dedicated to saving lives and reducing hospitalizations by protecting children, families, and communities from influenza. She has been with the organization since March 2019 and has over 25 years of experience working directly with stakeholders and partners to expand advocacy and education on critical issues. Michele is an adept grassroots proponent and works to elevate outreach on the seriousness of the flu and the importance of vaccinating. She works tirelessly with her team to build alliances with flu advocates and arm them with the knowledge and resources to fight the flu in their communities. Michele is dedicated to making a difference and improving vaccine confidence, and understands that sharing real-life experiences can impact individual and policy decisions. As Families Fighting Flu commemorates the 20th anniversary of its founding in 2024, Michele is mindful that the organization’s work is not done, and her commitment to leading the organization’s mission is stronger than ever. Before Families Fighting Flu, Michele worked as Regional Director for Associated Industries of Massachusetts, where she established her passion for advocacy and drive to educate through collaboration and partnerships. Michele attended Purdue University, where she met her husband. When she’s not working at her computer or at a flu clinic, Michele enjoys time with her family at their New England home outside of Boston, MA.